Understand your Instagram audience like never before

Track your Instagram marketing campaigns and optimize influencer collaboration. Monitor competitors and know your audience - down to the last follower.

How it works

overlaps add two accounts

Choose any two Instagram accounts

Monitor your competitors, optimize your influencer marketing campaigns, or just understand your audience better.

overlaps analyze the instagram accounts

Analyze their followers

Just sit back and relax while Overlaps analyzes every single follower for both selected accounts.

overlaps instagram accounts report

Get a detailed Overlap report

You will get a detailed report with all overlapping followers. Export your data in minutes.

Top Use Cases


Get an exceptionally detailed look at your Instagram audience, one overlap at a time.

Data is everything

Overlaps is a fully cloud-based Software specialized for analyzing Instagram follower behavior trends. Get all the data you need to really understand your audience. With Overlaps you can:

  • Create a new comparison campaign in just a few clicks
  • Easily organize and re-run campaigns
  • Leverage our detailed reporting feature
  • Make data-driven decisions for your marketing strategy
  • Export your data as soon as the campaign is complete
overlaps dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Overlaps work on any public Instagram account. You do not need to log in or have access to the account in any way. We have a strong commitment to privacy and only use publicly available data for your analysis.

You do not need to share your Instagram password in order to use Overlaps. We are a market research tool first and foremost.

We support Card payments and Wire transfers. If you have something else in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, we are always happy to talk.

Not at all. Overlaps are charged only when you start a new campaign, no contracts required.

Our prices are calculated individually for every Overlap campaign depending on various factors like account size, re-run rate etc. Our dashboard always clearly states the price before you launch a campaign.

Overlaps exclusively uses publicly available data to compile our reports. Everything we analyze is readily available for the average Instagram user.